At a book signing the other day someone asked how difficult it was for me to maintain separate and distinct voices for the four main characters in my novel, The Oys & Joys. I laughed. And after I painted a picture for the audience, they laughed too.

Because this is what happened . . . well, wait a second . . . let me first explain for those that haven’t read the story. The four main characters are friends and call themselves The Oys & Joys. Of course, you’ll discover why in the book which is a roller coaster year out of the life of  Lizzie, Sassie, Grace & Ruby–women on the back side of middle age.  Each chapter is written through the eyes of one of these women.

And yes, keeping their voices distinctly theirs throughout the story proved challenging. But luckily, while hurrying through Kohls one afternoon to buy a baby gift, I tripped in the bra department. Practically fell flat on on my face as a matter of fact. And not just because I can be a major klutz. Apparently, the store was in the midst of a huge bra sale. I mean expensive, fancy and if I must say so myself–very sexy–bras hung on those sale racks. Or at least some still did–seemed as if the majority had fallen onto the floor. Where my left foot slipped on one and down I went.

My first thought: Damn, this place is a mess. My second thought: Damn, this bra looks exactly like a ‘Sassie’ bra. Underwire, beige with bright pink lace & tiny bow–very Sassie-like. So I picked myself up and found a bra matching the personalities of each of the other three women.  Then anytime I had an issue hearing a character, I hung her bra up near the computer–and her voice sang to me.

If I ever sell a million copies, sell the movie rights– or at least get The Oys & Joys on Bookbub, I will frame the bras and hang in my living room.  🙂20161207_164152