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Whew! My first blog ever. I think I’ve responded a few times to other blogs but never put myself out there with a blog of my very own. But here I am, taking the first step or should I say, taking off the first piece of clothing like a striptease artist because that’s exactly how I feel. Here I go, my sock flying in the air. And I totally admit, my big toes are ugggly. My mid-sixty body ain’t so shapely either. Also, I’ve written a novel and putting it out there makes me feel naked also. Maybe I ought to go to Hippy Hollow—I hear naked sunbathing still goes on there. And pass out copies of my book: The Oys & Joys—a year in the life of four baby boomers—Lizzie, Grace, Sassie and Ruby. These ladies, ready to reach for the moon, think life will be less complicated, more relaxed but find the road a bit bumpier than anticipated. From boatless boat slips to attempted murder (well, he did deserve it) to DNA surprises to sexual awakenings (yep, at any age). Then past secrets collide with the present. And secrets never ever die quietly.